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Empowering dialysis users and carers search for dialysis centres here log in to explore the world's most comprehensive database of dialysis centres for free! New jobs in dialysis! Thousands of dialysis jobs - bigger board with loads more features! Welcome, guest username password: remember me forgot your password? buy cheap viagra Forgot your username? Global dialysis for dialysis centres! Renal professionals reply topic new topic page: 1 topic: fsgs??? Fsgs??? 5 years, 7 months ago #22916 goldb1da offline fresh boarder karma: 0 helllo everyone. viagra sale I\'m a 34 year old who has been diagnosed with
fsgs. As a twenty-one year old, i was famous for my ability to
urinate for long periods of time. However, what once gave me "status"
among an admittedly strange group of people eventually led me to a
urologist after experiencing pain while urinating. I went through a
battery of tests, 24 hours urines and years later a punch biopsy. natural alternative to viagra or viagra
during my biopsy, attempts to secure a sample were made difficult by
what was described to me a "rubbery" kidney. They literally a number
of stabs at it, and finally came up with sample that was
inconclusive. As a result, i always considered my diagnosis more of
an educated guess than a certainty. For years (i was diagnosed at
21), my kidney function remained relatively stable. Without symptoms,
i engaged in denial... Drinking, smoking, not looking after my diet,
etc. Recently, however, i began experiencing pain (albeit very dull
pain) while urinating. viagra effects women wiki I also have had repeated attacks of lower back
pain. I initially thought this the result of a herniated disk,
although i\'ve begun to question that. viagra double dose I sometimes feel pain when my
kidney (i should also explain that i was born with only one kidney, or
one was absolved during childhood). I have hematuria now and have
leaked protein for some time. My levels, at last check, were
elevated, but real high. I no longer urinate like i used to, as it
appears that my flow is weak and much shorter. viagra canada Have other people
experienced things like this? At my last visit, my doctor mentioned
that via x-ray, he thought my kidney was enlarged and saw shadows... does viagra daily use really work I
therefore had a ct scan and am awaiting the results. generic viagra canada I never thought
i\'d say this, but i\'m hoping of kidney stones. Has anyone out there
been diagnosed with fsgs only to find later on that they have pkd? buy viagra cheap
i\'m just trying to learn more, and would like to hear about the
experiences of others. does viagra daily use really work Whatever is going on, i\'ve been quite
fortunate that i\'ve stayed in relatively healthy for so long,
especially considering my behaviors. Now, however, i am worried. viagra for sale I
have a feeling that things are getting worse and it\'s affecting me. To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory
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